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Zsolt Törzsök: the Hungarian cyclists proved, that they are in competition with the forefront of the world

Nyíregyháza and its surroundings hosted the first Hungarian Junior Nations’ Cup race at the end of August, which took an excellent exam and brought great competition.

Published: October 1, 2020

The international junior peloton visited Hungary for the first time, which was able to hold another world competition in the history of the sport after nearly a hundred years, in addition, due to the limitations of the coronavirus epidemic, it was the only junior Nations ’Cup race of the 2020 season. The feedback was positive, Zsolt Törzsök spoke about this and next year’s plans.

The feedback was basically positive on the first Hungarian Youth World Cup race. Obviously, the pandemic situation did not promise too encouraging signs, nevertheless, we have undertaken and organized this year’s only Nations ’Cup race. We can say that the implementation was successful, obviously there were such things, that evaluation is still ongoing, but we will be able to build from these” – said Zsolt Törzsök.

The Hungarian riders were looking forward to the start of the race, for many of them, this was the first major international competition. Danish Tobias Lund Andresen won the race, Bence Mészáros took the sixteenth place, acquired the best Hungarian rider jersey, but Kristóf Árvai and Ármin Sánta also achieved nice results.

Visegrad 4 Juniors

(Photo by Attila Vígh)

I have ambivalent feelings about the performance of Hungarian riders. I secretly trusted in an outstanding result, but nonetheless, the productivity shown was excellent, the Hungarian cyclists proved, that they are in competition with the forefront of the world. Obviously, this performance also provides an opportunity for the Hungarian national team to be invited to the foreign events of the 2021 World Cup series, which is a very significant step forward for the Hungarians” – continued the chief organizer.

Unfortunately, the plans of the Movement Health, Recreation Sports Club were greatly influenced by the epidemic situation this year, several UCI category races had to be postponed, but this does not mean that they will not set themselves serious goals for next year.

Visegrad 4 Juniors

(Photo by Attila Vígh)

We will try to streamline next year’s race calendar a bit. The venue for the 2021 Hungarian National Road Championship is still open, obviously we would like to organize this time together with the NYKSE. We would also like to host an indoor European Championship in early June. We hope that the development of the COVID-19 situation will make it possible to organize this unique event in Hungary. We also intend to continue the Junior Nations’ Cup race. The Visegrad 4 Bicycle Race, which was unfortunately missed this year, is planned to take place in the second half of 2021 on the traditional Budapest-Pannonhalma route. This race will be an especially important next year, as there will be a Hungarian presidency, which will only take place every four years” – the president of the association closed his thoughts.





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Partners and Sponsors
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