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Road Cycling Junior World Cup - August 14-15, 2024

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World championship bronze medallist Felix Orn-Kristoff puts the cherry on the cake

Norway’s Felix Orn-Kristoff completed the triple by winning all three stages of the Nations’ Cup Hungary to finish top of the general classification. Zsombor Balogh finally deserved the award for the best Hungarian.

Published: August 17, 2023

The event ended with an individual time trial of just three and a half kilometres in the centre of Nyíregyháza, which decided the final of the overall, as the first stage in Vásárosnamény and the second in Ibrány will also be a bunch sprint.

Márkó Tóth (Hungary) was the first to set the pace in the very technical and sometimes cobbled sections, while Hugo Rishoj (Tscherning Cycling Academy) of Denmark set the times, finishing in four minutes eight seconds.

Based on past experience, it was clear that a win would require a result within four minutes, but for a long time no one could even come close to Rishoj until Matthias Schwarzbacher (Slovakia) took the lead in 4:02.

As expected, the Norwegians, who were at the top of the overall standings, put in a good effort, but could not dethrone the Slovakian. Last to roll off the ramp was the overall leader, Felix Orn-Kristoff (Norway), who was the only rider to complete the distance in four minutes, which meant he won the third stage and the overall race.

“There was a lot at stake on this stage so I had to stay focused, but as I really liked this short course and I like the winding, technical time trials, I was confident. Luckily we were able to get through the rain, which could have been a yellow jersey. I am happy to have won this race after the World Championships, it gives me a lot of motivation for the future. I’m also happy with the organisation, I liked the stages, everything was very good,” said Orn-Kristoff, who also won the blue jersey for the best first-year junior, in addition to the yellow.

There was a huge fight for the distinctive jersey for the best Hungarian, which was finally won by Zsombor Balogh (MBH Bank Cycling Team), who finished twelfth in the crown and thus in the general classification.

“I have prepared a lot for this race and as I consider myself a time trial specialist, I was looking forward to the last half stage with confidence. I knew that if I had good legs, I would have a chance to win the distinctive jersey for the best Hungarian. The track in Nyíregyháza was quite technical, so those who dared to take risks could finish in front – said Zsombor Balogh.

Stage 2/B, Nyíregyháza-Nyíregyháza (3.5 km, individual time trial)

1. Felix Orn-Kristoff (Norway) 3:59
2. Matthias Schwarzbacher (Slovakia) + 3 sec
3. Mikal Uglehus (Norway) + 3 sec
4. Jesper Stiansen (Norway) + 6 sec
5. Kacper Mientki (Poland) + 7 sec
6. Victor Vad (Danish, Tscherning Cycling Academy) + 8 sec
7. Daniel Rubes (Czech Republic) + 9 sec
8. Hugo Rishoj (Danish, Tscherning Cycling Academy) + 9 sec
9. Pavel Sumpik (Czech Republic) + 10 sec
10. Krystof Král (Czech Republic) + 11 sec
12. Zsombor Balogh (MBH Bank Cycling Team) + 12 sec

Final result of the overall race:

1. Felix Orn-Kristoff (Norway) 4:49:17
2. Mikal Uglehus (Norway) + 16 sec
3. Kacper Mientki (Poland) + 19 sec
4. Matthias Schwarzbacher (Slovakia) + 23 sec
5. Krystof Král (Czech Republic) + 25 sec
6. Jesper Stiansen (Norway) + 26 sec
7. Simon Gottstein (Slovakia) + 28 sec
8. Victor Vad (Denmark, Tscherning Cycling Academy) + 28 sec
9. Daniel Rubes (Czech Republic) + 29 sec
10. Hugo Rishoj (Danish, Tscherning Cycling Academy) + 29 sec
12. Zsombor Balogh (MBH Bank Cycling Team) + 32 sec

In the points race, Mikal Uglehus (Norway) triumphed to take the green jersey, while the Norwegian national team won the team competition.





Nyíregyháza Vásárosnamény Ibrány

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Partners and Sponsors
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