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Road Cycling Junior World Cup - August 14-15, 2024

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This Nations’ Cup race will be a great experience for all Hungarian riders

Bence Mészáros and Szijártó Zétény should be singled out among the Hungarian cyclists, Bence is the current U19 Hungarian time trial, while Zétény is the road race champion.

Published: August 24, 2020

Hungary can organize a youth cycling world cup race for the first time, as for the Hungarians, with the special permission of the UCI, in addition to the national team, the DKSI Regional can also be there at the start line, so twelve Hungarian cyclists will try to take up the fight with the best riders in the world.

The Hungarian national team members will be Kristóf Árvai, Márton Mack, Bence Mészáros, Bendegúz Nagy, Ármin Sánta and Zétény Szijártó, while DKSI Regional starts with a team marked by Csongor Csengi, Bertold Drijver, Lajos Forró, Levente Fábián, Balázs Marton and Bálint Orosz.

I welcomed the news, that Hungary can organize a junior World Cup race, this has never been seen before in Hungary. We trained twice with the national team under the direction of Zsolt Dér, where the team befriended, we managed to practice the bunch sprints. Our goal is clearly that so we can stand on the podium, that is why we are motivated to start” – said Bence Mészáros a few days before the start.

Hungarian riders

Zétény Szijártó (l), Bence Mészáros (c) and Kristóf Árvai (r)
(Photo: web)

The first ever hungarian Nations’ Cup cycling race will start on 26 August from Vásárosnamény. The peloton is going to compete for 3 days on 280 km. The finish will be in Nyíregyháza.

I didn’t think so, that one day a youth cycling World Cup could be in Hungary. I hope that we Hungarians can gain experience from this. For me, this will be my first serious international competition, thus, we can only talk about realistic goals after the first stage. Of course, in addition to gaining experience, it is not secondary either, to get a picture of it, that’s how strong is the junior domestic cycling. This Nations’ Cup race will be a great experience for all Hungarian riders” – added Zétény Szijartó.

The Visegrad 4 Juniors Nations’ Cup begins with a 95-kilometer stage between Vásárosnamény and Nyíregyháza. The next day there will be two halves stage, firstly in the morning a four-and-a-half-kilometer individual time trial in the center of Nyíregyháza, while in the afternoon a 73.2-kilometer road race awaits cyclists around Ibrány. On the third and closing stage, the caravan rolls again between Vásárosnamény and Nyíregyháza, this time covering 107.3 kilometers.





Nyíregyháza Vásárosnamény Ibrány

Partners and Sponsors

Partners and Sponsors
Külgazdasági és Külügyminisztérium
Hungarian Cycling Association
City of Anshun
Skoda Valent Auto
Varadi Ambulance Service
Uni-Hotel, Miskolc-Egyetemváros
Hunor Hotel, Vásárosnamény

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