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The teams of the Nations’ Cup 2022 II. – Poland, Italy, Romania and Serbia!

Nearly 100 riders from 16 teams are expected to compete in this year’s One Belt One Road Nations’ Cup Hungary race from 17-19 August 2022. Among them, we now meet the Polish, Italian, Romanian and Serbian teams.

Published: August 8, 2022

Polish & Hungarian two good friends!

Of course, the Polish national team will not be absent from the Hungarian Nations’ Cup round, even if the first race in 2020 did not turn out exactly as planned. Last year, they had better results, with Hubert Grygowski finishing sixth overall and Antoni Kida also finishing in a good position.

The manager Kacper Gronkiewicz is not leaving anything to chance, as these two riders will be the Polish roster in 2022.

Preminary entry list for the Poles: Dominik Ratajczak, Hubert Grygowski, Szymon Maciejewski, Pawel Wieczkowski, Antoni Kida and Konrad Waliniak.

The Italians are back after a year out!

In 2020, the Italians were among the first to request the race, and then they did their best in the race, with Alessandro Romele (now Team Colpack Ballan) finishing ninth overall.

At first glance, the duo of Gabriele Bessega and Alessandro Borgo will be the ones to watch, both of them excellent time trialists who could make their claim for the yellow jersey during the time trial.

Preminary entry list for the Italians: Gabriele De Fabritis, Matteo De Monte, Samuele Alari, Filippo Omati, Gabriele Bessega and Alessandro Borgo.

Romania is back!

Like the Italians, the Romanians also missed out on 2021, but will return this year. Their best performer in 2020 was Ioan Dobrin, who was recently seen again as an U23 rider at the Gemenc Grand Prix.

Their biggest star is Mihnea-Alexandru Harasim, who is already spreading his wings in Belgium this year, winning both the road race and the time trial in the national championships. He finished 14th in the Kuurne-Brussels-Kuurne junior classic and 7th in the Trofee van Vlaanderen. Besides him, two Hungarian native boys, Balázs Császár and Edvárd Novák, should also be mentioned.

Preminary entry list for the Romanians: Valentin-Mihai Afrasinei, Balázs Császár, Rares Ghita, Mihnea-Alexandru Harasim, Edvárd Novák and Alin Toader.

The Serbs are also on the starting line!

The duo of Nermin Catovic and Jovan Divnic were right behind the front runners at the 2020 Nations’ Cup race in Hungary, both finishing in the top 30 of the general classification. A year later, it was Mihajlo Stolic who tried to finish higher, but like his predecessors, he could only finish in the top 30.

Stolic will try again this year, and as the first man in the Serbian national team, as the current time trial champion, he will be looking to build on a good overall result on 17 August.

Preminary entry list for the Serbs: Mihajlo Stolic, Mark Percic, Dejan Cogoljevic, Nemanja Markovic, Bosko Velicic and Luka Bojovic.

For the 2022 season, Hungary will host the ninth leg of the ten-round series from 17 to 20 August. The race will start with a 3.8-kilometre prologue in Nyíregyháza, followed by a 111.6-kilometre road stage the next day between the county center and Ibrány. On the final day, the caravan will cycle 117.4 kilometres between Vásárosnamény and Nyíregyháza.

The teams of the Nations’ Cup 2022 I. – Austria, Bulgaria, Denmark and Estonia!





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