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Road Cycling Junior World Cup - August 16-17., 2023

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The teams of the Nations’ Cup 2022 I. – Austria, Bulgaria, Denmark and Estonia!

Nearly 100 riders from 16 teams are expected to compete in this year’s One Belt One Road Nations’ Cup Hungary race from 17-19 August 2022. Among them, we now meet the Austrian, Bulgarian, Danish and Estonian teams.

Published: August 6, 2022

The brothers-in-law are ready!

Stefan Marbler showed the strength of the Austrian team at the first World Cup in Hungary in 2020, finishing in ninth place in the general classification. Last year, the duo of Alexander Hajek and Marco Schrettl both finished in the Top 20, while this year they can clearly rely on David Preyler, who arrives in Austria as the runner-up in the Austrian championship road race.

Preminary entry list for the Austrians: David Preyler, Kilian Kummerer, Cian Hampton, Jakob Purtscheller, Luca Oberlechner and Simon Schabernig.

The Bulgarians are coming to our country for the first time!

For the first time, Bulgaria’s team will be competing in the World Cup around Nyíregyháza, building on the road champion Vasil Popov and time trial triumphant Veselin Georgiev.

Preminary entry list for the Bulgarians: Vasil Popov, Veselin Georgiev, Mircho Maglizhanov, Simeon Petkov, and Radostin Zlatev.

Denmark would take back the lead!

The star of the 2020 event was Tobias Lund Andresen (now Team DSM Development), who won all the stages and although the German and Italian national teams tried their best, they could not take the overall victory from him. In addition, the Scandinavian riders were not satisfied with just that, with Gustav Wang (now BHS-PL Beton Bornholm) finishing third, but Christian Spang Kjeldsen and Stian Rosenlund (now BHS-PL Beton Bornholm) also making the top 10. With all of this in mind, it was clear that they were coming into 2021 with winning goals. Frederik Lykke, however, did not live up to expectations, although he did take eighth place overall.

Perhaps the standout on this year’s roster is Alfred Morch Kongstad, who won a stage at the Sint Martinusprijs Kontich this year.

Preminary entry list for the Denmarks: Jakob Falk Paarup, Alfred Morch Kongstad, Jonathan Aagaard Hansen, Malthe Ostergaard Bergenholz, Laurids Flinker Blaesbjerg and Boas Lysgaard.

The Estonians are back!

Despite the pandemic period, the Estonian national team were among the first to request for the 2020 Hungarian Nations’ Cup, although they didn’t get much credit – Kert Roose still finished in the Top 20 in the battle for the yellow jersey. A year later, however, Madis Mihkels (now of WorldTeam Intermarché-Wanty-Gobert Materiaux) took the lead, winning two stages to finish third overall, but Frank Aron Ragilo and Romet Pajur also finished near the top 10.

The latter two will return again this year. Ragilo is expected to be a captain, rumoured to have already signed for Team DSM’s continental team.

Preminary entry list for the Estonians: Frank Aron Ragilo, Romet Pajur, Aaron Aus, Lauri Tamm, Martti Lenzius and Karl Kurits.

For the 2022 season, Hungary will host the ninth leg of the ten-round series from 17 to 20 August. The race will start with a 3.8-kilometre prologue in Nyíregyháza, followed by a 111.6-kilometre road stage the next day between the county center and Ibrány. On the final day, the caravan will cycle 117.4 kilometres between Vásárosnamény and Nyíregyháza.



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