Nations' Cup Hungary

Road Cycling Junior World Cup - August 20-21-22, 2021

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The results of stage 2/A

On Nyíregyháza, the riders had to complete a 4.5km long track on the Visegrad 4 Juniors 2/a stage’s individual time trial, here are the results.

Published: August 27, 2020


1. Tobias Lund Andresen (Denmark) 5:25.571
2. Gustav Wang (Denmark) 5:25.824
3. Moritz Kretschy (Germany) 5:33.180
4. Luca Dressler (Germany) 5:34.018
5. Klaus Betzinger (Germany) 5:35.975
6. Christian Spang Kjeldsen (Denmark) 5:36.502
7. Stian Rosenlund (Denmar) 5:36.980
8. Matic Macek (Slovenia) 5:37.586
9. Maximilian Eisser (Germany) 5:40.093
10. Alessandro Romele (Italy) 5:40.518

The full result list is downloadable in pdf, click here.

Overall classification

1. Tobias Lund Andresen (Denmark) 2:13:01
2. Gustav Wang (Denmark) + 10s
3. Luca Dressler (Germany) + 14s
4. Moritz Kretschy (Germany) + 18s
5. Klaus Betzinger (Germany) + 20s
6. Christian Spang Kjeldsen (Denmark) + 21s
7. Stian Rosenlund (Denmark) + 21s
8. Matic Macek (Slovenia) + 22s
9. Manuel Oioli (Italy) + 22s
10. Alessandro Romele (Italy) + 25s

Jersey holders

Overall Classification (Yellow jersey): Tobias Lund Andresen (Denmark)
Points classification (Green jersey): Luca Dressler (Germany)

Best Hungarian rider: Bence Mészáros (Hungary)
Best Czech rider: Stepan Siroky (Czech Republic)
Best Polish rider: Julian Kot (Poland)
Best Slovak rider: Timotej Piliarkin (Slovakia)



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