Nations' Cup Hungary

Road Cycling Junior World Cup - August 20-21-22, 2021

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The first stage’s result

Between Vásárosnamény and Nyíregyháza the peloton took 95km on the first stage on the roadrace, which the next results born on.

Published: August 26, 2020


1. Tobias Lund Andersen (Denmark) 2:07:46
2. Armando Lettiero (Italy) + 2s
3. Benjamin Boos (Germany) + 2s
4. Stefan Kovar (Austria) + 2s
5. Manuel Oioli (Italy) + 2s
6. Josef Cekal (Czech Republic) + 2s
7. Ludovico Crescioli (Italy) + 2s
8. Alessandro Romele (Italy) + 2s
9. Dominik Weiss (Switzerland) + 2s
10. Gustav Wang (Denmark) + 2s

The full result list is downloadable in pdf, click here.

Overall classification

1. Tobias Lund Andersen (Denmark) 2:07:36
2. Armando Lettiero (Italy) + 6s
3. Manuel Oioli (Italy) + 7s
4. Luca Dressler (Germany) + 7s
5. Benjamin Boos (Germany) + 8s
6. Stefan Kovar (Austria) + 11s
7. Egbert Johanson (Estoni) + 11s
8. Josef Cekal (Czech Rebuplic) + 12s
9. Ludovico Crescioli (Italy) + 12s
10. Alessandro Romele (Italy) + 12s

Jersey holders

Overall Classification (Yellow jersey): Tobias Lund Andersen (Denmark)
Points classification (Green jersey): Manuel Oioli (Italy)

Best Hungarian rider: Ármin Sánta (Hungary)
Best Czech rider: Josef Cekal (Czech Republic)
Best Polish rider: Mateusz Cywinski (Poland)
Best Slovak rider: Timotej Piliarkin (Slovakia)



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