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The Chronicle of the 2019 Junior Road World Cup

Germany achieved a sweeping triumph in the overall classification collecting 240 points, the USA came in the second position with 178 points, while the third was the Italian national team with 158 points.

Published: November 20, 2019

The nine-leg series started out on 31 March with the legendary Gent-Wevelgem junior race in Belgium. The winner was the outstanding American rider, Quinn Simmons who became World Champion at the end of the year, and later on he signed a contract for World Tour, jumping over the U23 category.

The second event was the „Hell of the North”, the king of one-day races, the Paris-Roubaix in mid-April. The Dutch Hidde van Veenendaal claimed the victory in France.

This prestigious junior stage race was followed by the Junior Course de la Paix where the French Hugo Toumire was the first to cross the finish line, thus overshadowing his second place behind van Veenendaal in the Roubaix, and gaining the first position in the overall classification.

Quinn Simmons

Quinn Simmons

At the end of May, the youngsters travelled to France again. The three-stage Trophée Centre Morbihan finished with the victory of the German Michel Hessmann, which brought some more significant points for Germany. As it became clear at the end of the season, these points were of great importance at the time of the end-of-season summary.

A few days later it was the turn for Switzerland and the 51st Tour du Pays de Vaud. Thanks to Marco Brenner, the Germans were able to control the flow of events, and thus wining the overall classification.

Trophée Centre Morbihan

Trophée Centre Morbihan

On home turf at the end of June, the German national team finally decided the fate of the among-nations championship title. At the LVM Saarland Trofeo stage race, the first three places were gained by German riders: Hannes Wilksch came first, followed by Marco Brenner and Maurice Ballerstedt.

After the national championships, the peloton took part in the GP Général Patton in Luxemburg. It is also a classical junior event, since it was the 72nd edition of the race this year. After the Tour du Pays de Vaud, Marco Brenner claimed the victory on this race as well, so he managed to win for the second time during the series.

Marco Brenner

Marco Brenner

In mid-July the series moved to Canada to the Tour de l’Abitibi stage race. As quite a lot of European riders stayed away from this event, North American riders began to direct the race, and finally the American Michael Garrison came first.

September was welcomed in South-Korea where the Tour de DMZ stage rage closed the 2019 season. The Finnish Veeti Vainio won this competition.

Germany achieved a sweeping triumph in the general classification collecting 240 points, the USA came in the second position with 178 points, while the this was the Italian national team with 158 points.





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