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Road Cycling Junior World Cup - August 16-17., 2023

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The best riders of the World Cup, racing today in continental teams

More than half a year after the first Hungarian Nations’ Cup race, we found out where are the best riders now. There are those who have joined a WorldTeam youth team, but there are also those who now turn up in an outstanding German continental club.

Published: April 13, 2021

The Visegrad 4 Juniors bike race took place from 26 to 28 August, which was the first youth World Cup race in Hungary. Due to the limitations of a coronavirus epidemic, it was the only Nations’ Cup race on the international calendar.

The future of Tobias Lund Andresen did not remain in question for long, as in addition to his victory in the Hungarian race, he also won the Danish junior road championship. He continues his career in the continental team of one of the most stable WorldTeam, the German Team DSM.

The German Luca Dressler, the runner-up of the General Classification, also quickly found a team, signing with one of his country’s strongest continental clubs, Team Lotto-Kern Haus. The team also signing the fifth place finisher Klaus Betzinger.

Moritz Kretschy, also from Germany, came to Hungary as one of the preliminary favorites of Visegrad 4 Juniors, but although Tobias Lund Andresen dimmed the rivalry. There was no reason to be ashamed with his fourth place in the General Classification. He is continuing his career with the Rad-Net Rose Team.

The Danish Christian Spang Kjeldsen and Stian Rosenlund, who finishing sixth and seventh place, found an elite team at home, the renowned ColoQuick and the BHS-PL Beton Borrnholm.

Growing up in the youth teams of Ljubljana project, Slovenian Matic Macek, who finished in eighth place, joined the continental team of Ljubljaina-Gusto-Santic.

The social media pages of the Austrian Stefan Marble were flooded with photos of last year’s Hungarian competition, as the young titan was very proud to be among the top ten in the General Classification. He will continue his career with WSA-KTM Graz team, so we will have a good chance to meet him in this year’s Visegrád 4 Bicycle Race.

Among the top ten finishers in last year’s race were two cyclists who, as first-year juniors, competed with their rivals at the age of seventeen. Third-place Gustav Wang, a rejuvenating Danish youth time trial champion, is trying to lay the groundwork for his future, while tenth Italian Alessandro Romele is trying to assert himself in the Italian dilettante circuit. Maybe we can see both of them again in the race of One Belt One Road Nations ’Cup Hungary in 2021.



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