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Road Cycling Junior World Cup - August 14-15, 2024

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Poland’s Dominik Ratajczak was the fastest in the One Belt One Road Nations’ Cup prologue

Poland’s Hubert Grygowski was second, while Slovenia’s Natan Gregorcic was third – the best Hungarian rider was Márkó Tóth.

Published: August 17, 2022

At 12:01, Bulgarian Yoan Stankov was the first to start the One Belt One Road Nations’ Cup Hungary Youth World Cup Prologue from the start in front of the Roman Catholic Church of the Co-Cathedral of the Lady of the Hungarians in Nyíregyháza (Kossuth Square), and after 3.8 kilometres he finished at Szabadság Square, not far from the start.

Boas Lysgaard from Denmark set the first fastest time, completing the distance in 4 minutes 36 seconds, and was not even close to his rivals for a long time.

Among the contenders for the win, Poland’s Hubert Grygowski was the first to score, followed by his compatriot Dominik Ratajczak, who won the prologue with a time of 4 minutes 25 seconds. Slovenia’s Natan Gregorcic took third place on the podium.

“I liked this track and I also like the heat, so I knew I had a chance to win. I did everything I could to get the best possible time and I did it and won the prologue. It was a technical and good route for the individual time trial. The next two days we will work hard to keep the yellow jersey,” said the winner of the prologue.

As for the Hungarians, Márkó Tóth won the distinctive jersey for the best home rider. The cyclist in national team colours finished sixteenth, sixteen seconds behind the leader.

“The warm-up went very well, I felt that I could achieve the result we had set in advance. Of course, it would have been great to win, but this gap of just over ten seconds was the reality. The organisation was also good, I enjoyed this almost four kilometres here in the centre of Nyíregyháza. I would like to improve my overall ranking in the next two days,” said Márkó Tóth, the best Hungarian in the individual time trial.

Prologue, Nyíregyháza-Nyíregyháza (3.8 km individual time trial)

1. Dominik Ratajczak (Poland) 4:25

2. Hubert Grygowski (Poland) + 7 sec

3. Natan Gregorcic (Slovenia) + 8 sec

4. Jakob Purtscheller (Austria) + 8 sec

5. Mihajlo Stolic (Serbia) + 9 sec

6. Kajetan Wasowicz (Poland) + 9 sec

7. Boas Lysgaard (Denmark) + 11 sec

8. Kilian Kummerer (Austria) + 11 sec

9. Mihnea-Alexandru Harasim (Romania) + 11 sec

10. Lucas Maarfelt Toftemark (Denmark) + 11 sec

16. Tóth Márkó (Hungary) + 16 sec

Of course, after the prologue, the order in the general classification was the same – the blue jersey for the best young rider went to Mitt Virgo (Estonia), who achieved the thirteenth fastest time.

The One Belt One Road Nations’ Cup Hungary cycling race continues on 18 August with a 111.6-kilometre road race stage between Nyíregyháza and Ibrány.





Nyíregyháza Vásárosnamény Ibrány

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