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Per Strand Hagenes is the winner of the One Belt One Road Nations’ Cup Youth World Cup

The 2021 Hungarian Youth Cycling World Cup ended with a 108-kilometer stage around Nyíregyháza, at the end of which a Norwegian stage success was born – one of the biggest promises of the current age group also won the general classification.

Published: August 23, 2021

Immediately after the official start, the attacks began, the escape attempts followed one after another, but no one got any further than fifteen or twenty seconds. His first SPM sprint was won by Stian Edvardsen-Fredheim (Norway), ahead of the yellow jersey wearer Madis Mihkels (Estonia) and Karsten Larsen Feldmann (Norway).

Leaving Kisvárda, the mood calmed down a bit, and taking advantage of this, a duo of Luca D’Hollander (Belgium) and Ola Sylling (Norway), who were soon joined by Victor Hannes (Belgium).

The trio’s biggest advantage peaked at about forty seconds, and although at one point it seemed that they would no longer return home to the Nyíregyháza SPM sprint, that Hannes eventually won the one that immediately covered him behind his teammates – Meanwhile, Maksym Vareny (Ukraine) also caught up with the breakaway.

The peloton completed two and a half laps in the city, the current American champion Colby Simmons (LUX-Sideshow p / b Specialized) hung after the escape in the first lap, but was hampered by a few minor crashes, before the last pass, but the peloton closed.

About three kilometers from the finish, the winner of the prologue, Per Strand Hagenes (Norway) attacked, and eventually won the stage with a six-second lead, ahead Stian Edvardsen-Fredheim (Norway) and Mathis Avondts (Belgium).

We’re past a very fast stage, we wanted to control what was happening in every way, and it worked out both for its first speed sub-hair, for the escape, and for the finish. It is a special pleasure for me that my teammate became the second, and I also managed to frame the competition, which also resulted in me winning in the composite. We are past a very excellent race, with great organization, ”said Hagenes, who will be competing in the continental squad of Jumbo-Visma next year after reaching the finish line.

Per Strand Hagenes (Norway) triumphed with a six-second lead over his compatriot Stian Edvardsen-Fredheim (Norway) in the general classification – the third was the winner of the two halves-stage, Madis Mihkels (Estonia). The best Hungarian distinctive jersey was won by Szijártó Zétény, who finished in fifteenth place, Mihkels won the points race, while Niels Michotte (Luxembourg) won the youth competition.


Stage 2, Nyíregyháza-Nyíregyháza (108 km)

1. Per Strand Hagenes (Norway) 2:17:59

2. Stian-Edvardsen Fredheim (Norway) + 6 sec

3. Mathis Avondts (Belgium) + 8 sec

4. Oliver Sondergaard (Denmark) + 8 sec

5. Niels Michotte (Luxembourg) + 8 sec

6. Karsten Larsen Feldmann (Norway) + 8 sec

7. Leo Kerschbaumer (Austria) + 8 sec

8. Stepan Siroky (Czech Republic) + 8 sec

9. Frank Aron Ragilo (Estonia) + 8 sec

10. Mihajlo Stolic (Serbia) + 8 sec

General classification:

1. Per Strand Hagenes (Norway) 5:03:45

2. Stian-Edvardsen Fredheim (Norway) + 6 sec

3. Madis Mihkels (Estonia) + 10 sec

4. Niels Michotte (Luxembourg) + 16 sec

5. Hubert Grygowski (Poland) + 27 sec

6. Dylan Bibic (Canadian, Cannibal Team) + 27 sec

7. Frederik Lykke (Denmark) + 28 sec

8. Frank Aron Ragilo (Estonia) + 29 sec

9. Romet Pajur (Estonia) + 30 sec

10. Luke Feuerhelm (LUX-Sideshow p / b Specialized) + 32 sec





Nyíregyháza Vásárosnamény Ibrány

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Partners and Sponsors
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