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Road Cycling Junior World Cup - August 20-21-22, 2021

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One Belt One Road Nations’ Cup Hungary: the Czechs trust better results!

It is expected that nearly 130 riders from twenty-twenty two teams will start in this year’s Hungarian World Cup race between August 20-22, 2021. Get to know the Czech team!

Published: August 1, 2021

Stepan Siroky and David Kopelent were also represented by the top twenty of last year’s Hungarian World Cup race general classification, the Czechs, who are deservedly famous for their youth programs, returning this year with the intention of finishing in the top ten.

Matyas Kopecky is a great time trialer, and he has already proven himself in the international peloton. In addition, Stepan Telecky can finish in a prestigious place on the Nyíregyháza prologue, with which he can even establish his complete competition – and at that time we had not yet talked about Milan Kadlec, who recently won the Slovak Youth Multi-Day race in Dubnica. Aware of all this, it is clear that the Czechs can come with a relatively strong roster, so they will not be described, especially so that according to the current situation, the 2021 Nations’ Cup series can continue in their country on August 26-29 – Course de la Paix Juniors.

Preminary entry list for the Chechs: Adam Seeman, Milan Kadlec, Daniel Sporysch, Matyas Stransky, Matyas Kopecky és Stepan Telecky.

According to the present position in the 2021 season, Hungary can host the opening of the three-round series between 20 and 22 August. The race starts with a 3.8-kilometer prologue in Nyíregyháza, and then the next day there will be two half-stages: a 89.9-kilometer rad race in the morning around Vásárosnamény, and a 41.2-kilometer road race in the afternoon around Ibrány. On the closing day, the caravan will roll again in the Nyíregyháza area, this time covering 108 kilometers.


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