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Road Cycling Junior World Cup - August 16-17., 2023

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One Belt One Road Nations’ Cup Hungary: Cannibal, the international youth project!

It is expected that nearly 120 riders from twenty teams will start in this year’s Hungarian World Cup race between August 20-22, 2021. We are now getting to know the Cannibal club team.

Published: August 16, 2021

With the special permission of the Union Cycliste Internationale (UCI), this year, in addition to the national and regional teams, two club teams can also start in the Hungarian World Cup race. One of them is the international youth project, the Cannibal team.

Cannibal is a project originally started in Belgium that seeks to bring together the best young cyclists, regardless of nationality. Depending on this, they will come to Hungary as the only team to be represented in the World Cup with competitors from six different nations.

Perhaps their strongest rider could be Belgium’s Vlad van Mechelen, who caught a second-place finish in the recently finished Aubel-Thimister-Stavelot multi-day race. In addition, the Lithuanian Rokas Adomaitis has already achieved good results in the international peloton.

Preminary entry list for the Cannibal team: Jamie Whitcher (British), Dylan Bibic (Canadian), Rokas Adomaitis (Lithuanian), Casper Ronning (Norwegian), Vlad van Mechelen (Belgian) and Antoni Kida (Polish).

According to the present position in the 2021 season, Hungary can host the opening of the three-round series between 20 and 22 August. The race starts with a 3.8-kilometer prologue in Nyíregyháza, and then the next day there will be two half-stages: a 89.9-kilometer rad race in the morning around Vásárosnamény, and a 41.2-kilometer road race in the afternoon around Ibrány. On the closing day, the caravan will roll again in the Nyíregyháza area, this time covering 108 kilometers.


Denmark returns in the hope of defending theirs title!

The Germans are coming with a strong roster!

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The Czechs trust better results!

Pole and Hungarian brothers be!

Slovakia cannot be missed either!

The Serbs at the start line too!

The brothers-in-law are also ready!

The Swiss national team is back too!

The emerging Slovenes will also be here!

The Belgian national team will be our guest for the first time!

Debut of the Ukrainian national team!

Luxembourg is on the start list too!

The Norwegian team is coming to Hungary for the first time!

The Latvians are also introducing themselves!

The Spaniards are also fighting for victory!

LUX-Sideshow, an example to follow!



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