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Road Cycling Junior World Cup - August 20-21-22, 2021

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Situated along the main transport routes, Nyíregyháza is a city with the seventh largest population in Hungary with its 120,000 residents. In a circle with a radius of 100 kilometres, it borders three countries: Ukraine (78 km), Romania (100 km), and Slovakia (75 km).

Nyíregyháza is a young and dynamic city. Walking in the historical city centre, one can see that the modern architecture of the 21st century goes comfortably together with impressing historical architectural heritage. The city’s main square, surrounded by the city hall, the Roman Catholic church, the prestigious Hotel Korona and the Savings Bank (Takarékpalota) is the site of several events and festivals.


The city centre of Nyíregyháza, with the Town Hall on the right
(Photo: Nyíregyháza)

The appeal of the city centre is increased by artworks for public display, parks, resting places and cafés. The spectrum of possibilities for education, culture, recreation and entertainment is almost limitless with a never-ending series of major events, festivals and mass sporting events.


The ambiance of the city centre is defined by charming parks and squares
(Photo: Nyíregyháza)

Embraced by a 320-hectare oak forest that provides a special microclimate, Sóstógyógyfürdő (Sóstó Spa), which received its name from its salt water lake, is to be found barely 6 kilometres from the city centre. It is Hungary’s national health resort, which awaits visitors of all ages with outstanding experiences. All members of a family can have their unparalleled adventures in Aquarius Spa, too. A particularly wide palette of physiotherapy treatments are also offered besides balneotherapeutic ones in the therapeutic section of the spa.


The building of the „Móricz Zsigmond” Theatre
(Photo: Nyíregyháza)

Nyíregyháza Zoo is in possession of an extraordinary collection of animals, which are visited by nearly 500,000 guests every year. The almost 5,000 species are showcased in non-separated sections, each of them dedicated to one continent. The zoo is situated in a 30-hectare oak forest.


Aerial picture of the Nyíregyháza Zoo, with the peloton of the V4 Special Series
(Photo: Nyíregyháza)

More and more locals are becoming aware of healthy lifestyle and environmental protection. Both of them are served by the dynamic expansion of a network of cycle paths. Besides the city’s cycle path network of more than 70 kilometres, a direct and uninterrupted bike path was built out between Nyíregyháza and Tokaj in 2017. Bike lovers can enjoy three majors events annually: „Bringa Piknik [Bike Picnic]” between Nyíregyháza and Tokaj in May, Michelin Bike Festival in June, and „Bringaváros [„Bike City”] 7.1”, going through seven districts in September. They are frequented by several thousand participants annually.



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