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Road Cycling Junior World Cup - August 14-15, 2024

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Nations’ Cup Hungary starts on Wednesday

For the fourth time, Hungary will host the best of the youth age group, said the press conference of the event, which took place on 14 August in Nyíregyháza, at the town hall.

Published: August 14, 2023

Not coincidentally, the cyclists will finish the last half stage of the race on Szabadság Square, right next to the building.

The press conference was opened by Dr. Tünde Szabó, Government Commissioner for Economic Development, as one of the patrons of the event, who said that the race had already proved its worth in recent years and that it was slowly becoming a tradition that the event was an opportunity for young Hungarians.

– The trend the government has started, that is, to bring more international sporting events to Hungary, is clearly paying off, she added.

Tamás Märcz, Director of Sports at the National Sports Agency Zrt. The Olympic champion water polo player echoed the words of Dr. Ádám Schmidt, State Secretary for Sport, saying that this is a particularly important sporting event for the State Secretariat, as it focuses on youth sports, which is essential for young athletes to catch up with the world elite.

Dr. Ferenc Kovács, Mayor of Nyíregyháza, underlined the city’s commitment to sport and its love of sport.

– The people of Nyíregyháza are sports-loving, as we have proven many times in recent years. The Youth World Cup was a great success in 2020, 2021 and 2022, and we have no doubt that it will be the same this year,” the Mayor said.

The mayors of Vásárosnamény, Sándor Filep, and Ibrány, Imre Trencsényi, praised the positive impact of the competition on cycling tourism and the involvement of their municipalities in the national cycling scene.

This year’s peloton includes riders from eleven nations, including one or two who, despite their youth, have already signed contracts with some of the sport’s elite clubs – perhaps the biggest star of the event is Norway’s Felix Orn Kristoff, who won bronze at the World Championships, which ended last week.

Of course, a competition of this calibre also gives the sport of cycling a huge advantage for the country, as the youngsters have fortunately already proven themselves to be in competition with the world’s best. The national team will be joined this year by the MBH Bank Cycling Team from Kecskemét.

Erika Zsiga, member of the board of the Hungarian Cycling Federation, underlined the importance of the competition for Hungarian cyclists.

– The most important races for the U19 age group are the World Cups. This year, we may have one of the strongest Hungarian national teams ever, with talents like Tamás Hancz, Bálint Feldhoffer and Balázs Pollner in the squad,” she said.

In the 2023 season, Hungary will host the ninth leg of the ten-round series on 16-17 August. The race will start with a road stage around Vásárosnamény (136.5 kilometres), followed by two half stages the next day, with the caravan circling Ibrány (86.3 kilometres) in the morning and a 3.5-kilometre individual time trial in Nyíregyháza in the afternoon.

Zsolt Törzsök, president of the main organiser, the Movement, Health and Recreation Sports Association, said at the press conference that they would like to make the race a tradition. He added that the next – and last – race of the World Cup series will be held in South Korea, so the Hungarian event will be the last opportunity for European cyclists to collect important international points, which will also decide which nations will be eligible to compete in the series in 2024.

Race director János Solymosi said his main goal was to bring the race to the spectators, as the two road stages and the individual time trial will give the spectators the opportunity to applaud the cyclists more than once.





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Partners and Sponsors
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