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The city centre is a bastion of events and gastronomy while Avas Hill rising above hides the special world of the several-hundred-year-old wine cellars. The style of the Miskolc-Diósgyőr Castle transports you back to the Middle Ages, and you can immerse yourself in the bathing culture of Miskolctapolca. Miskolc-Lillafüred, set in the heart of nature in picturesque surroundings with its special climate, is a place for healing and romantic excursions.

The atmospheric streets, squares with fountains, architectural heritage, beautiful churches and first-class restaurants bejewel Miskolc city centre. The large-scale events and buzzing life form the heart of the city where something is always happening.

The city centre of Miskolc
(Photo: Miskolc)

One of the leading institutions in the city’s cultural life is the nearly two-hundred-year-old Miskolc National Theatre which, as well as its excellent theatre performances, hosts concerts and classical music events and is the main venue for the internationally renowned Bartók Plus Opera Festival. Other homes for the city’s cultural events and concerts are the House of Arts and the Palace of Music (Művészetek Háza and Zenepalota). Miskolc Gallery offers art lovers interesting pieces in their exhibitions. One of the most popular areas in the city centre is Szinva Terrace where cool bars, wine bars and restaurants serve those seeking entertainment and good food.

A real gem of Miskolc’s 234-m “mountain” is the Avas Gothic-style Reformed church from whose bell tower distinctive tunes mark the passing of time every quarter of an hour. An incredible 880 wine cellars, carved into the hill one above the other, line the footpath leading to the top of the hill, a unique sight in Europe. Those who persevere with the “mountain ascent” are rewarded with the chance to climb the 72-m Avas lookout from which a fantastic panorama opens over the city.

Miskolc-Diósgyőr is the famous historical and cultural area of Miskolc. Its main attraction, the medieval Diósgyőr Castle, tempts visitors to travel back in time, and the Knights’ Tournament Arena which is part of the castle offer a home to superb events that preserve traditions.

The Castle of Diosgyőr
(Photo: Miskolc)

The soul of this district is Vár utca (lit. Castle Street) along which you walk under stunning chestnut trees to reach Diósgyőr Castle, once the engagement gift given to queens. Today the fortress reconstructed from its ruins offers visitors totally different experiences, not only admiring the beauty of the renovated rooms; period furnishings, modern exhibition means, people dressed in costumes and historical games and events all help give a fuller picture of the time of King Louis the Great. The Knights’ Tournament Arena built next to the medieval castle is a great venue for re-enactment equestrian events and concerts.

The city’s resort area Miskolctapolca is an island of unique bathing experiences, relaxation and recharging.
The Miskolctapolca Cave Baths have unparalleled natural assets, its cave pathways carved out of the limestone rock by karst water over thousands of years. Bathing in a naturally covered swimming pool of thermal water of a pleasant temperature that springs up from the deep and enjoying the clean air is an unforgettable experience. The baths also have a hydrotherapy section where guests can refresh and heal themselves.

The other pride of this area is the Miskolctapolca Strand which, in addition to its outdoor pools, provides fitness and spa services.

The protected park of Miskolctapolca tempts visitors for a stroll at any time of the year. You can feed swans and ducks at the boating lake known as Csónakázó-tó or go for a boating trip. You can even see squirrels! In the heart of this ancient park is the forest-edge playground with fun slides and climbing frames that are sure to be a favourite with children. For brave families who are after adrenaline rushes it’s worth trying the adventure tour park, although the bob sleigh route created between the trees can also create great memories.

(Photo: Miskolc)

Set in picturesque landscape just a couple of kilometres from the city centre is Miskolc-Lillafüred which charms thousands of tourists with its stunning beauty.

Rising between the trees is the nearly one-hundred-year-old Palace Hotel that evokes the time of Renaissance palaces, the Palace Hotel and its surroundings offer wonderful views in all the seasons of the year. From spring to autumn Lake Hámori next to the hotel is often dotted with small boats. You can go through the special hanging gardens to reach the Szinva Stream mini rapids, Hungary’s largest waterfall. The Anna Cave, which extends into the belly of the hill at its foot, is a true rarity as there are only six similar travertine caves in the whole world.

The Lillafüred chair lift gives those not put off by heights a real adrenaline bomb! After the excitement along the route between the trees an incredible panorama opens up. The Lillafüred narrow-gauge railway that trundles along between the beech trees of the Bükk Mountains is bound to be a memorable experience for the whole family. Alight the open carriages from spring to autumn or travel in closed carriages heated by wood-burning stoves in the winter.





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