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Road Cycling Junior World Cup - August 14-15, 2024

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Hubert Grygowski is the winner of the 2022 One Belt One Road Nations’ Cup Hungary

A 117.4-kilometre stage between Vásárosnamény and Nyíregyháza concluded the 2022 Hungarian Youth Cycling World Cup, which ended with a Polish first – and Hubert Grygowski also won the general classification.

Published: August 19, 2022

After a sharp start, the attempts to breakaway started immediately, but unfortunately, just four kilometres into the race, a crash involving Márkó Tóth (Hungary), who was wearing the distinguished jersey of the best Hungarian rider, caused a stir and he managed to continue, but lost the jersey at the end of the day.

Approaching the first intermediate sprint, a group of six riders took a minimal lead, but they were caught before the sprint to Kisvárda. A huge battle for points ensued, with yellow jersey wearer Dominik Ratajczak (Poland) coming out fastest and taking a virtual lead in the points race.

Thirteen riders broke away after about sixty kilometres, and with almost all the strong nations represented in this line-up, their lead soon began to grow. Malthe Ostergaard Bergenholz (Denmark) won the second intermediate sprint, then Hubert Grygowski (Poland) went on alone from the breakaway, gaining a substantial lead in no time and winning the stage with confidence. Martti Lenzius (Estonia) was second and Mihnea-Alexandru Harasim (Romania) third. The best Hungarian was Márk Takács-Valent (Hungary), who finished 14th.

“Last year I crashed on the same stage in one of the corners, so I wanted to come back and get revenge. I think I did that. We had a great race, we had the yellow jersey all the way, we won the team classification and we also took the green jersey. I have to say a huge thank you to my teammates, everyone gave their best,” said Grygowski after the awards ceremony.

In the general classification, Hubert Grygowski (Poland) triumphed by more than a minute ahead of Mihnea-Alexandru Harasim (Romania), with Gabriele Bessega (Italy) third. The distinctive jersey for the best Hungarian went to Márk Takács-Valent (Hungary), who finished in thirteenth place, while Dominik Ratajczak (Poland) won the points race and Martti Lenzius (Estonia) won the overall youth classification.

“The day was characterised by constant attacks, with the stronger teams trying to set the pace as fast as possible. In the second half of the distance I got caught up in a breakaway of ten or so, and although I didn’t think this breakaway would be viable, we eventually made it home. I’m happy with my performance today, the flat stages are not exactly in my favour, but I managed to finish with a good result and of course I’m also happy that I was the best Hungarian rider” – said Márk Takács-Valent.


Stage 2, Vásárosnamény-Nyíregyháza (117,4 km)

1. Hubert Grygowski (Poland) 2:45:56

2. Martti Lenzius (Estonia) + 46 sec

3. Mihnea-Alexandru Harasim (Romania) + 50 sec

4. Pawel Wieczkowski (Poland) + 56 sec

5. Primoz Kirbis (Slovenia) + 56 sec

6. Boas Lysgaard (Denmark) + 56 sec

7. Pietro Dapporto (Italy) + 56 sec

8. Malthe Ostergaard Bergenholz (Denmark) + 56 sec

9. Martin Jurik (Slovakia) + 56 sec

10. Kilian Kummerer (Austria) + 56 sec


14. Takács-Valent Márk (Hungary) + 56 sec


1. Hubert Grygowski (Poland) 5:25:03

2. Mihnea Alexandru Harasim (Romania) + 1:03

3. Gabriele Bessega (Italy) + 1:11

4. Boas Lysgaard (Denmark) + 1:11

5. Martti Lenzius (Estonia) + 1:12

6. Kilian Kummerer (Austria) + 1:13

7. Pawel Wieczkowski (Poland) + 1:16

8. Malthe Ostergaard Bergenholz (Denmark) + 1:20

9. Lucas Maarfelt Toftemark (Denmark) + 1:20

10. Cian Hampton (Austria) + 1:26


13. Takács-Valent Márk (Hungary) + 1:33 sec





Nyíregyháza Vásárosnamény Ibrány

Partners and Sponsors

Partners and Sponsors
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