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Road Cycling Junior World Cup - August 16-17., 2023

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Changes to the 2023 Nations’ Cup Series race calendar

Hungary is hosting the best cyclist of the junior age group for the fourth time in the season ahead – an Italian race has also joined the series.

Published: February 19, 2023

The Union Cycliste Internationale (UCI) has always attempted to put great emphasis on giving race opportunities to junior riders. To reach this aim, in 2007 the governing body of cycling sport initiated its competition series under the name „Nations’ Cup” with the goal of forwarding the development of young cyclists. Nowadays a separate series is organized for Junior girls and boys, and another one for U23 boys.

In 2020, Hungary will achieve a significant success in sports history as it joins the Junior Nations’ Cup event. As part of this, Nyíregyháza and its surroundings organized the only World Cup of the year, after which in 2021 and 2022 Hungary also received the best of its age under the name One Belt One Road Nations’ Cup Hungary.

The Nations’ Cup is made up of one-day and stage races, and Hungary will receive a three-day event. Among the races of the series, legendary junior events such as the classic ”Paris-Roubaix” or the one of the most noted junior stage race, the Czech Junior Course de la Paix can be found.

The Junior World Cup opens only for national teams and regional teams. For the organizers, though should prioritize the previous year’s junior world rankings first twenty-five nations. Interestingly, it is more prestigious to win a race counted in the nations ranking than an individual one. Teams compose a minimum of four to a maximum of six riders for each competition.

In early February, an Italian two-day race called Eroica Juniores – Nations’ Cup was added to the calendar, which will be held on 21-22 April, making the series eleven rounds, with the tenth stop in Nyíregyháza and its surroundings.

The events of the 2023 Nations’ Cup series:

9 April: Paris-Roubaix Juniors (France)

21-22 April: Eroica Juniores – Nations’ Cup (Italy)

4-7 May: Junior Course de la Paix (Czech Republic)

20-21 May: Trophée Centre Morbihan (France)

25-28 May: Tour of the Pays du Vaud (Switzerland)

8-11 June: LVM Saarland Trofeo (Germany)

11-16 July: Tour of Abitibi (Canada)

14-16 July: Medzinárodné Dni Cyklistiky Dubnica Nad Váhom (Slovakia)

28-30 July: Watersley Junior Challange (Netherland)

16-18 August: Nations’ Cup Hungary (Hungary)

1-5 September: Tour de DMZ (South Korea)



Nations Cup Hungary Stage 1
Nations Cup Hungary Stage
Nations Cup Hungary Stage 2/B


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Partners and Sponsors
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