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Road Cycling Junior World Cup - August 16-17., 2023

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Another success of Estonian Madis Mihkels at the One Belt One Road Nations’ Cup Youth World Cup

The Estonian Madis Mihkels also won the Ibrány half-stage in the afternoon, after his victory in Vásárosnamény in the morning.

Published: August 22, 2021

The One Belt One Road Nations’ Cup youth world cup continued with a half-stage of 42.1 kilometers around Ibrány, during which two larger and two smaller laps as well as a sprint SPM awaited the cyclists.

As expected, the stage started with several smaller actions, the average of the first part of the distance was well above 50 km h. In the second lap, the American Luke Feuerhelm (LUX-Sideshow p/b Specialized) attacked, building an advantage of nearly twenty seconds, but was caught approaching his Sprint SPM, the sprint was won by Niels Michotte (Luxembourg), before Colby Simmons (LUX-Sideshow p/b Specialized) ) and Stian Edvardsen-Fredheim (Norway).

The two smaller laps were mostly filled with preparations for the bunch sprint, where the Estonians became dominant again, Madis Mihkels won the stage ahead of Frederik Lykke (Denmark) and also Estonian Romet Pajur (Estonia).

“The team did a great job for me again, and I managed to win the stage. Interestingly, I don’t really feel my pain from the crash in the morning on the bike, although it will probably be hard enough for me to fall asleep today. I am confident that I will be able to keep the yellow jersey during the final stage, ”Mihkels said after the stage.

Mihkels also took the lead in the general classification with his success, he also leads in the points race, Niels Michotte in Luxembourg leads in the special competition for young riders, while Szijártó Zétény is the first in the comparison of the Hungarians.

Stage 1/b, Ibrány-Ibrány (42.1 km)
1. Madis Mihkels (Estonia) 49:53
2. Frederik Lykke (Denmark) a.i
3. Romet Pajur (Estonia) a.i
4. Stepan Siroky (Czech Republic) a.i
5. Stian Edvardsen-Fredheim (Norway) a.i
6. Ruben Sanchez Estevez (Spain) a.i
7. Daniel Schrag (Germany) a.i
8. Leo Kerschbaumer (Austria) a.i
9. Haimar Etxeberria (Spain) a.i
10. Hubert Grygowski (Poland) a.i

General Classification
1. Madis Mihkels (Estonia) 2:45:50
2. Niels Michotte (Luxembourg) + 4 sec
3. Stian Edvardsen-Fredheim (Norway) + 5 sec
4. Per Strand Hagenes (Norway) + 6 sec
5. Romet Pajur (Estonia) + 8 sec
6. Ivan Romeo (Spain) + 10 sec
7. Jakob Purtscheller (Austria) + 13 sec
8. Luke Feuerhelm (American, LUX-Sideshow p / b Specialized) + 14 sec
9. Trym Brennsaeter (Norway) + 15 sec
10. Hubert Grygowski (Poland) + 15 sec

The One Belt One Road Nations’ Cup Hungary race will end on August 22 with a 108-kilometer stage around Nyíregyháza.



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Nyíregyháza Vásárosnamény Ibrány

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Partners and Sponsors
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